Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Love

We've tried to garden before. 

With only a couple handfuls of produce to show for our labor, I was hesitant to try again this year. I fantasized about gardening alongside my neighbor, whose endeavors seemed to thrive every year. 

And then I had a literal dream-come-true moment. My neighbor, after hearing about our inexperience, invited me to garden with her this year! I'd go over to her house a couple times a week to work with her, and when harvest time came, we'd share the bounty. 

It has been working out wonderfully for both of us. She enjoys the company, and I get a hands-on gardening education. Now that some of our crops are ready to harvest, I'm pretty sure it would be worth the work of trying again next year in my own yard. I LOVE getting to bring home a basket of freshly-picked produce that tastes so good my toddlers devour it. 

And every now and then, there are pretty flowers, too! 

What's growing in your garden?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Summer!

Oh, my blog! How I've missed you!

How has half a year passed so swiftly?

Danson for Joy has been on my mind often, but I haven't been willing to put in the necessary time to keep posting. I've been so...lazy. I hate that word.

The summer is off to a sunny, busy start, and our once-blank calendar is rapidly filling up. Even on the busiest days, I'm making sure to take note of the precious my baby eating a strawberry in the yard.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Healing Salve

Just finished a fresh batch of salve! If you wanted to try this before, it is now available! 
Great to keep around the house, this salve is perfect to rub on scratches, bruises, bug bites, rashes and dry skin. I even use it for lip balm! All natural ingredients make it toxin-free and mild enough for children. 

This healing salve contains organic coconut oil infused with plantain leaf, calendula flowers, comfrey leaf, yarrow flower, rosemary leaf, echinacea root, and echinacea herb; beeswax; and grapefruit seed extract (preservative).

1 oz. tins - $6
4 oz. tins - $18

If you'd like your salve mailed to you, shipping is usually only a few dollars!

To place an order, either email me or leave a comment with instructions on how to contact you. 

Disclaimer: As much as I hope to make a business out of this someday soon, it is currently just a hobby. Selling a few tins here and there allows me to purchase the materials necessary to continue making salve. I am not a professional herbalist or medical adviser, and this salve should be used externally at your own discretion. I am not to be held responsible for any negative effects incurred from use.