Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Three Little Girls

In my "Soap Brochure" post, I mentioned pregnancy, but I haven't actually announced on Danson for Joy yet that we are expecting our third baby girl next month!

Back in February, we shared this photo with our friends as a gender reveal ~ 

And my most recent pregnancy photo was taken on Resurrection Sunday (Easter) ~ 

While this pregnancy has flown by (I've been busy with two toddlers), it has also felt like the longest pregnancy. I've felt HUGE for months and months, and I've been so ready to just HAVE this little girl in my arms (not my belly!). I really have nothing to complain about, as my pregnancies are easy, but I can hardly wait for her to arrive. I'll be full-term in a couple weeks (due date is less than a month away), so I am super-excited to meet my sweet new babe. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Love Missives

Guess what?

I love you!

You already knew that, didn't you?


Ardently Yours,

I just sent the above in an email to my husband at work.
 It may seem quite odd to share the intimate details of a love missive...except that I'm sharing it to show you just how simple it can be to brighten the day of your hardworking man! Can't you just imagine him involuntarily smiling at his desk as he reads a sweet line or two from you? 
I encourage you to do something, even as small as sending an email, to let your husband or another loved one know you are thinking of them today. :)

Why a Soap Brochure Made Me Cry

A soap brochure. I started crying while reading a SOAP brochure!

Pregnancy hormones, yes.

But it was also the culmination of feelings of gratitude all day, all week, all month. The Lord has been incredibly good to us lately. I'm hesitant to share specifics because several of the blessings seem too good to be true.
One tiny part of me wants to wonder what painful trial is right around the corner, but the rest of me is just contentedly enjoying God's goodness and remembering precious Bible verses like Malachi 3:10. It truly seems as if the Lord is opening the windows of heaven and pouring out a blessing, that there is barely even room to receive it!
I know other dear friends are going through hard times and trials right now, and our hearts and prayers are with you. God is so good, and I hope that we can be an encouragement to others by praising Him publicly, that He does take care of His children when they place their complete trust in Him and seek Him with all they have. May the Lord bless you today!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Love

We've tried to garden before. 

With only a couple handfuls of produce to show for our labor, I was hesitant to try again this year. I fantasized about gardening alongside my neighbor, whose endeavors seemed to thrive every year. 

And then I had a literal dream-come-true moment. My neighbor, after hearing about our inexperience, invited me to garden with her this year! I'd go over to her house a couple times a week to work with her, and when harvest time came, we'd share the bounty. 

It has been working out wonderfully for both of us. She enjoys the company, and I get a hands-on gardening education. Now that some of our crops are ready to harvest, I'm pretty sure it would be worth the work of trying again next year in my own yard. I LOVE getting to bring home a basket of freshly-picked produce that tastes so good my toddlers devour it. 

And every now and then, there are pretty flowers, too! 

What's growing in your garden?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Summer!

Oh, my blog! How I've missed you!

How has half a year passed so swiftly?

Danson for Joy has been on my mind often, but I haven't been willing to put in the necessary time to keep posting. I've been so...lazy. I hate that word.

The summer is off to a sunny, busy start, and our once-blank calendar is rapidly filling up. Even on the busiest days, I'm making sure to take note of the precious my baby eating a strawberry in the yard.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Healing Salve

Just finished a fresh batch of salve! If you wanted to try this before, it is now available! 
Great to keep around the house, this salve is perfect to rub on scratches, bruises, bug bites, rashes and dry skin. I even use it for lip balm! All natural ingredients make it toxin-free and mild enough for children. 

This healing salve contains organic coconut oil infused with plantain leaf, calendula flowers, comfrey leaf, yarrow flower, rosemary leaf, echinacea root, and echinacea herb; beeswax; and grapefruit seed extract (preservative).

1 oz. tins - $6
4 oz. tins - $18

If you'd like your salve mailed to you, shipping is usually only a few dollars!

To place an order, either email me or leave a comment with instructions on how to contact you. 

Disclaimer: As much as I hope to make a business out of this someday soon, it is currently just a hobby. Selling a few tins here and there allows me to purchase the materials necessary to continue making salve. I am not a professional herbalist or medical adviser, and this salve should be used externally at your own discretion. I am not to be held responsible for any negative effects incurred from use. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ten Facts

I didn't plan to take a blog break over December, but it happened and I enjoyed it. I'm ready to get going again! 

Most of the blogs I truly enjoy are those that allow me to get to know the author. I really wanted to write a post that would give you a good glimpse of who I am, and thought long and hard about how to do that. A Facebook "game" came along that gave me the opportunity to write ten facts about Jonathan and me, and I realized that it would also accomplish what I wanted to convey here. You'll certainly know more about us after reading these ten facts, some of which are sweet and some of which are downright surprising.  

1. We "almost" met on two different occasions during our teen years (we both grew up in CA and my church was planted out of his church), but God didn't actually have us meet until we were twenty-one, on a street in Oklahoma City while we were attending Heartland Baptist Bible College.
2. When I was fifteen, a friend sent me a picture of her youth group. I remember noticing one handsome young man in the picture, and guess who it was? Jonathan! I'd had that picture of him
six years before I ever met him! I didn't put two and two together until after we were engaged.
3. Even though I was a freshman and Jonathan was a junior/senior, we had a class together. He would arrive early to practice the piano, and I would arrive early to listen to him, although I was studiously focused on my books.
He knew. (And I thought I was so subtle!)
4. The day we met, I called my parents and he wrote about me in his journal. To quote, I described him as "very nice" and he described me as "fascinating." I consider it love at first sight. 
5. Our relationship seemed to progress in eight-month increments. Eight months after we met, we officially started dating (we called it a betrothal). Eight months later, we were engaged, and eight months later we were married!
6. Over a year of our relationship was long-distance, while I finished college. I hadn't seen him for five months when I was home with my family over Christmas break. He showed up on our front step and proposed as soon as I opened the door. 
We saved our first kiss for our wedding day (and holding hands, too). I always wanted to save my first kiss and everything else (even "I love you") for the man I married, and I'm so thankful he felt the same way. It was SO worth the wait!
8. We were expecting baby number two by our second anniversary, and hope to welcome several more children into our family.
9. We are surrendered to serve the Lord with our lives, whether he keeps us in Washington or calls us to be church-planters or missionaries.
10. Jonathan is the most wonderful man I've ever known, a dream-come-true of a husband and an ideal daddy. As much as he loves me, God has his heart completely and he is quick to follow His leading. I rejoice to know that this is what "happily ever after" is all about!