Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ten Facts

I didn't plan to take a blog break over December, but it happened and I enjoyed it. I'm ready to get going again! 

Most of the blogs I truly enjoy are those that allow me to get to know the author. I really wanted to write a post that would give you a good glimpse of who I am, and thought long and hard about how to do that. A Facebook "game" came along that gave me the opportunity to write ten facts about Jonathan and me, and I realized that it would also accomplish what I wanted to convey here. You'll certainly know more about us after reading these ten facts, some of which are sweet and some of which are downright surprising.  

1. We "almost" met on two different occasions during our teen years (we both grew up in CA and my church was planted out of his church), but God didn't actually have us meet until we were twenty-one, on a street in Oklahoma City while we were attending Heartland Baptist Bible College.
2. When I was fifteen, a friend sent me a picture of her youth group. I remember noticing one handsome young man in the picture, and guess who it was? Jonathan! I'd had that picture of him
six years before I ever met him! I didn't put two and two together until after we were engaged.
3. Even though I was a freshman and Jonathan was a junior/senior, we had a class together. He would arrive early to practice the piano, and I would arrive early to listen to him, although I was studiously focused on my books.
He knew. (And I thought I was so subtle!)
4. The day we met, I called my parents and he wrote about me in his journal. To quote, I described him as "very nice" and he described me as "fascinating." I consider it love at first sight. 
5. Our relationship seemed to progress in eight-month increments. Eight months after we met, we officially started dating (we called it a betrothal). Eight months later, we were engaged, and eight months later we were married!
6. Over a year of our relationship was long-distance, while I finished college. I hadn't seen him for five months when I was home with my family over Christmas break. He showed up on our front step and proposed as soon as I opened the door. 
We saved our first kiss for our wedding day (and holding hands, too). I always wanted to save my first kiss and everything else (even "I love you") for the man I married, and I'm so thankful he felt the same way. It was SO worth the wait!
8. We were expecting baby number two by our second anniversary, and hope to welcome several more children into our family.
9. We are surrendered to serve the Lord with our lives, whether he keeps us in Washington or calls us to be church-planters or missionaries.
10. Jonathan is the most wonderful man I've ever known, a dream-come-true of a husband and an ideal daddy. As much as he loves me, God has his heart completely and he is quick to follow His leading. I rejoice to know that this is what "happily ever after" is all about!