Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Blog Post

My self-imposed bedtime was two hours ago, but both Jonathan and I are staying up late. It's a hard habit to break, as we've been night owls all of our marriage (almost three years).

We're sipping lemon drop tea as we work on our computers. Well, Jonathan's working. I was reading blogs. :) I only just discovered the joy of blog-reading in the last year...maybe more like the last six months. Before that, I thought blogs were just online journals that people published in hopes of being popular. Ha!

Pinterest became my friend when I was night-nursing my first baby, Jessica, and inevitably, as I pursued the pins, I found the blogs.

I LOVED THEM. Not all of them, but quite a few. They are so inspiring and informative! I am truly grateful to many of these bloggers for sharing their research and experience so I can learn and benefit. 

The idea that I could be a blogger myself came on slowly but steadily. I dismissed it for awhile with the decision that I simply do not have time. I have two babies and I'm constantly busy. Good blogs require a huge time commitment.

But the idea of how AWESOME it would be to have a blog like those I was reading was so appealing. It would be fun, and if it ever became a stay-at-home job, it would be wonderful!
Jonathan was completely supportive of the idea, and willing to help me get started whenever I was ready. After a few months, I finally decided to do it. YES! I will begin a blog.


So, tonight I was reading one of my favorite DIY blogs and laughing out loud over the author's humorous writing. When I read it to Jonathan, he rather randomly pointed out that I myself currently don't write.

"I write thank-you notes!" I exclaimed.

"That doesn't count." 

"I'll write when I blog," I countered, realizing it has been a LONG time since I've written creatively.

"When are you going to start?" he said, obviously annoyed with my procrastination.

"Not until after the yard sale! I'm waaaay too busy right now."

"And those bloggers aren't?"


"This would be a great time to start," he continued. "Write about this-" and he waved his hand to indicate our living room, which is in disarray as I move the contents of rooms around and organize in preparation for our yard sale this Friday. "Write about what you're doing to make this happen."

Okay. Simple enough. I'll start. Right now.

This isn't exactly the way I planned to begin my blog, but it's a start. And I simply need a beginning. 
I'm smiling. This is going to be an exciting journey. 


  1. Its a beautiful post ... I thought for months before starting and suddenly started one night... Its so much fun , i live it... Blogging has become a really important part of my life... Every morning i wake up nd jump towards my phone to check what comments have I got.... Its lovely to read everybody's openion.....
    Ur post was so natural , it feels like i know you..
    Anyways, i should stop writing now... Its going to be a really long comment otherwise....
    Happy blogging...
    May be we can follow each other!!!!
    Keep in touch

  2. Thank you, Pooja! You are the first person to comment on my blog - and yes, it's exciting! :)

  3. Ha! I found your "secret" blog! I've read all of your posts so far, Jesse May and they're great! I know it's a time commitment but keep it up! I love that you can share fun & faith and it's encouraging for me to read it! :)

  4. The fact that you'd hunt my blog down means so much, Ashley! *hug* Thanks for the encouragement!